The history of two designers and two friends.

Nahum (NIDO Design) and Laura (Énola Design) are designers and friends. They spent many time talking about having a common project, but the distance make if difficult. Nahum is living in Toulouse and Laura in Madrid. But wishes are stronger than distance and finally they decided to launch their imagination to fly.

The Good obsession is the result of many hours of communications through the distance in parallel of their own projects.

The Good obsession is a way to understand the Design, is a way to understand decoration and life. People is more happy when observe beautiful pieces and beautiful spaces, and the Good Obsession want the people to be happy.

Nahum Jonás was born in Barcelona and he has been working as decorator for Ikea, and has his own brand (NIDO Design). He is a mid century lover and a very aesthetically creator.

Laura Martínez was born in Madrid and after leaving her work on public construction, she stablished her own Furniture design brand (Énola). She is a nordic design lover and a very practical and simplicity designer.

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